Hi! I'm Cass.
And I love to bake.
I'm your average girl-next-door, bakes-to-procrastinate, cake-over-cereal-for-breakfast-type, firm-believer-in-waffles-friends-work-priority-mantra (#KnopeForPresident), Oreo-cookies-run-through-my-veins, doughnut-kryptonite, head-researcher-for-"Ice-cream actually solves all of your problems"-theory....

And I can be a bit of a Copycat.

My creative concoctions consist of two ingredients: pen and paper. So I completely depend on cookbooks, baking blogs, and spoken word to find just the right recipe for desserts. And like anything, it's full of trials and errors.

And, I promise I'm more than just a box-baker :)

So stick around and see which famed recipe I'll be trying out as I take you on a baking journey full of spilled milk, flour dust clouds, and consuming cookies as quickly as they come out of the oven.

*Warning: Baking ventures may induce food coma or kitchen disasters*

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